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not even risking that shit


Muse A is kidnapped by scientists to be experimented on. Turns out these scientists were people Muse B used to work for and are trying to get back at Muse B for leaving. Now, Muse B knows what is going to happen and they muse race against time in order to save Muse A before it’s too late.

Twist #1: Muse B is too late and has to watch as Muse A dies.

Twist #2: Muse B gets there just in time to watch Muse A turn into an emotionless killer like the scientists wanted.

Have you ever been so angry you felt sick to your stomach that’s how I feel right now



[text] everyone who happened to be in the kitchen
[text] Sasha, krista, Connie….
[text] would it be weird if I still wore my scarf?

[text] Even Krista wow those assholes
[text] no why would it be weird?

[text]…..Just wondering since its around 99 degrees outside

[text] and i’m borrowing a skirt form sasha

[text] sick of hearing people talk about taxes in uniform


Send my muse one (or more) of the following symbols for a headcanon about their relationship with that person

♀ for a mother headcanon 

♂ for a father headcanon

♖ for a sister headcanon

ψ for a brother headcanon

↹ for a best friend headcanon

▲ for an enemy headcanon

✻ for an old best friend headcanon

✤ for a grandparents headcanon

♘ for a favorite teacher headcanon

❀ for a boy/girlfriend headcanon

☮ for a self headcanon

✆ for an ex headcanon 


A giveaway for reaching 800 followers. Reward are a selects amount of icons for 3 winners. The deadline is circumstantial. If all goes well it is Friday, June 27th Time unknown and will be decided last minute. Rules, rewards and examples of prize giveaway are as follows