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Soon the bell rang and everyone began to leave. Levi watched them all go in his usual silence, he was never good at actually ending the class. Soon it was just him and Mikasa in the room. ” go.” He said, looking at the door, the black creeping into his eyes. He struggled to hold it back. “We’re both hungry so go, Get something to eat and bring me back the left overs.”

It was a command over anything else. He would go with her, but he had to take his job seriously, which meant staying back to do homework marking and incase any students had questions, although he doubted they would, no-one ever asks him anything, which was good, it meant he could get away with eating in school without a worry of getting caught, but he usually locked the classroom doors anyway.

"You need to be back here with my food before detention ends, so don’t b picky about which drunk you choose, and make sure to save me the liver."

With no time to lose, Mikasa bolted out of her seat without bothering to push her chair in properly. “Thanks,” She muttered, making eye contact for the first time with him for the entire day. For someone so short, he was quite a severe man—maybe it was all that alcoholic liver. Of course, ghouls couldn’t have alcohol or anything remotely addictive, as it would kill them faster than they could get hooked on the stuff. They could, however, get it from their human abusers, because the stuff really did make its way into the system, no matter what it was. Almost every ghoul in the 13th ward she knew had their choice of poison. 

Levi always knew which part of an addict held the most toxin, so she had never so much as had a lick of anything. She would argue that he was a hypocrite that way. When they were both younger, she would accuse him of keeping the best part all to herself, but experience over time had shown her otherwise. Even through a middleman, drugs and alcohol were ruinous on a ghoul. She didn’t remember when he started wanting the liver of every alcoholic they hunted, but she did know now that he had been protecting her this entire time. 

Now if only she could protect him. 

Careful to stay unseen, she passed through the back gates of the school and sprinted to the nearest stretch of their territory, a small alleyway in wedged between an apartment complex and a subway track. Its dinginess and seclusion made it a choice hangout for deadbeats, addicts, and other scum of the earth. She ignored the slurred words, wolf whistles for the only schoolgirl oblivious enough to set foot in a place that she obviously didn’t belong in..or so they thought. They reeked of dirty needles and cheap alcohol, of missed showers and dirty love motels. She searched specifically for a newbie, someone who hadn’t been blackened on the inside by alcohol abuse but would quickly spiral down (killing them almost felt like she was doing the city a favor, keeping another useless boozer off the streets), someone who would satisfy both of his cravings with minimal damage to the latter. 

The closest she could find was a dyed strawberry blonde with hollow looking eyes, like he had just experienced his worst, like the world had nothing for him now. He eyed her down skeptically the first time she walked past, then with less interest the second time she came back. She almost felt pity for him….too bad pity was nothing compared to hunger. 

He didn’t struggle nearly enough to alleviate her guilt, even as she tore him limb from limb, he point at which most stopped viewing them as lives and more like hunks of meat that may as well have come out of a package, simple as buying a pound of meat from the butchers. She consumed an arm up to the shoulder blade and part of the neck before harvesting the rest of the organs (taking care to remember the liver) into certain concealed bento boxes in her backpack, a morbid joke that did serve another purpose: without opening the lunchboxes, she would still appear to be a regular student taking food to a sibling that stayed after for club activities. 

Another sprint back to the school, slip past the gates and up the farthest set of stairs not even the teachers bothered to use, back in the classroom with extra care to lock the door and draw the curtains. “I hope that wasn’t too long,” She said, falling back into the habit of looking away when speaking. Pulling the first metal box out of her bag—the one with the liver and pancreas— she set it at the corner of his desk and sat in an opposite desk, slowly laying out the rest of the lunch boxes she’d filled. 


"Hi, I’m new here, can you show me around?"
"Uh.. I think I’m lost."
"Wow, those are some awesome threads!"
"Don’t mind me, I just like making new friends!"
"Oh dear, do you need help?"
"You look like you could use a hand."
"You look a little lost, can I be of assistance?"


  • "You really are stupid, aren't you?"
  • "I'm the only one who cares about you."
  • "Don't make me slap you again!"
  • "I'm sorry. I won't do it again."
  • "You're spending too much time with him/her. You need to spend time with me."
  • "I only do this because I care about you."
  • "No one else, but me, would want you."
  • "This is all your fault, you know."
  • "Stop crying – we both know you’re faking it to get your way!"
  • "You'd be lost without me!"
  • "I will slap you if you say that again!"
  • "I do love you... that's why I'm doing this."
  • "You'll come crawling back!"
  • "I don't like your friends. You need to stop seeing them now."



I Swear This Is An RP Blog: A Musical 

Featuring such hits as

  • Maybe I’ll RP Today and its reprise No Wait Nevermind
  • What Was The Plot of This RP Again?
  • Fuck My Partner Deleted Their Blog

And the ever classic

  • I’m a Lazy Bastard

Starring everyone’s favourite 

  •  Nobody’s replied and its reprise Fuck everyone’s replied






i think there should be AU’s and then there should be UA’s

because Universe Alterations would be a good name for when your characters are in the exact same universe but you’re altering just a couple of plot points or a few character traits







• whoops it was gonna be a quick response and I made it into 3 paragraphs.

• whoops it was gonna be a 3 paragraph response but it’s a quick one.

• whoops this started as fluff and now it’s sad.

• whoops this started really sad and now it’s fluff


Levi watched her go with a sigh, turning his back as students slowly filed in, starting to draw on the shape of the arm muscles, drawing in the bone to the best of his ability, he was never good at this stuff. Ever. He started to write down his starter questions on the board, today was about the arm and he needed to know what the students knew before he launched into the lesson, after all if they understood the muscles and bone rather well then all he needed to do was add some detail and move on.

Like that was ever going to happen.

5 minutes passed and the second bell rang, leading to him to ask the questions and correct any incorrect answers. he was mid way through explaining the differences in the two muscles when Mikasa walked in again. he looked at her coldly, knowing the whole class was waiting to see what happened, it was no secret they were related.

"Thats the third time this week Miss Ackerman. I understand you miss the old days where we used to just sit next to each other in silence when we were younger, but detention is not the way to go about reminiscing." He threw in a deadpan joke in there, it seems a few people got it as they chuckled, but he knew his jokes were shitty and so just told her to sit down carrying on with his lesson.

It was dull to say the least. His own brain couldn’t stop but think about how long it’s been since he ate anyone. Just talking about this was making him hungry, he could have sworn his stomach let out a groan. Soon he had finished his lecture and set them on an experiment to check muscle mass in the arm as well as reflexes, letting him sit down and control himself. Losing control right now would not be good.

She knew better than to talk back in class. Not only would it sully her immaculate reputation (at least on paper), but she knew this argument would branch out into many directions, brittle and splintery. This was a conversation best taken within the secluded confines of a dark alley over warm organs and coffee. Still, she could not suppress the urge to murmur, “I don’t miss it as much as you seem to,” from behind her scarlet muffler, grey eyes cast sullenly at a certain nothing near the ground.

Mikasa remained slumped in her chair until the end of class, moving only to doodle in the edges of her notebook on occasion. Not even Jean dared to speak to her, even during the experiments. They all just kind of crowded around her desk and brought the activity to her. It was immature to sulk, she knew, but like she was sure how Levi was feeling right now, the young ghoul was expecting to have been able to leave early and snag a meal. If only that stupid boy hadn’t tried to be kind to her.

Kindness kills, you know.

The bell rang again (class felt particularly long today), and the rest of the class filed out, eager for the walk home. Mikasa still remained seated, relaxed in her seat, though her eyes lit again, flickering expectantly to Levi. No, she didn’t feel like speaking first this time. Technically, she wasn’t allowed to anyway in detention.